The Specialized Master's program Remote Sensing is made up of 90 ECTS credits. Thus, the full-time program lasts 1.5 years. 60 ECTS credits must be earned by writing the Master’s thesis. 30 ECTS must be earned by taught courses. The choice of these courses depends on your individual research project and is tailored to your interests and needs.

Module ECTS credits


Core electives min. 15
Elective courses max. 15
Total 90

Compulsory modules

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 610 Master's thesis and master's exam English 60 Spring and Fall

The Master's thesis represents an independent scientific work under the guidance of an experienced member of the teaching staff.  The thesis is worth 60 ECTS credits and may extend over two consecutive semesters, but must not exceed 18 months. The results of the thesis will be presented in a public seminar.

Core elective modules

We offer following core elective courses, each counting 6 ECTS:

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 441 Remote Sensing A: Seminar English 6 Spring
GEO 442 Specialization in Remote Sensing: Spectroscopy of the Earth System English 6 Fall
GEO 443 Specialization in Remote Sensing: SAR and LIDAR English 6 Fall

Elective courses

May be freely chosen from the Master’s offerings at the University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, or other Swiss universities, in consultation with the mentor. At most 15 ECTS credits of elective courses may count towards the Specialized Master in Remote Sensing.

In general, following courses are recommended for RSL:

Module ID Title Language ECTS Term
GEO 803 Solving Geospatial Problems using Matlab English/German 2 Fall
252-0847-00L Informatik German 5 Fall
102-0617-00L Basics and Principles of Radar Remote Sensing for Environmental Applications English 3 Fall
102-0627-00L Applied Radar Remote Sensing for Environmental Parameter Estimation English 3 Fall
102-0617-01L Methodologies for Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data English 3 Spring
103-0267-01L Photogrammetry and 3D Vision Lab English 3 Fall
103-0287-00L Image Interpretation English 4 Fall
103-0247-00L Image Processing German 3 Fall
701-1236-00L Measurements Methods in Meteorology and Climate Research German 1 Spring
701-1251-00L Land-Climate Interactions English 3 Fall

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