A Specialized Master's degree with focus on Physical Geography is currently possible within following research groups:

1) Glaciology & Geomorphodynamics

The research of the unit Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics (3G) of the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich focuses on cold mountain ranges and processes that result from the interaction between climate and the surface. The related research topics are on glaciers, permafrost, and natural hazards.

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2) Soil Science & Biogeochemistry

The unit Soil Science and Biogeochemistry (2B) is an interdisciplinary group of scientists with backgrounds in geography, geology, biology, agronomy, environmental science and analytical chemistry. The group seeks to understand how global climate change affects the multiple interactions of vegetation, soil, and the terrestrial carbon cycle. These processes are investigated with several complementary state-of-the-art biogeochemical methods in field and greenhouse experiments.

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3) Hydrology & Climate

The Hydrology and Climate (H2K) group within the Department of Geography at UZH is engaged in research and teaching on catchment hydrology and climate impacts on water resources. The research is based on a combination of experimental field studies and modeling approaches. 

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4) Geochronolgy

The geochronology group explores soil and landscape dynamics and processes with a special focus on Alpine environments. A number of relative and numerical dating techniques are used to derive time constraints and rates. The development of soils and landscapes are deciphered using a mixture of geochemical and mineralogical approaches combined with spatial modeling.

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