Physical Geography

Specialized Master in a subject of Physical Geography

Global changes currently modify many aspects of terrestrial physical systems. From the carbon cycle to the water cycle, from glaciers to archives of the past, these changes are studied from different research perspectives in the Department of Geography. In addition to our internationally recognized scientific expertise, the Department offers the opportunity to specialize in one subject area of Physical Geography by following an individually tailored study program including a Master’s thesis of 60 ECTS credits. Currently this possibility is offered for:
•    Glaciology & Geomorphodynamics
•    Hydrology & Climate
•    Soil Science & Biogeochemistry
•    Geochronology

These Specialized Master's programs have a clear research focus and prepare students for a PhD at a university or for scientific work in research institutions or governmental agencies.

Characterization of the Master's program

  • Clear specialization and qualification in your field of interest
  • Excellent mentoring opportunities from a broad set of expertise
  • Extended master thesis opportunity with research focus (60 ECTS credits)
  • Collaboration in national and international projects and working at the research front

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