Geographies of Global Change

Specialized Master in Geographies of Global Change: Resources, Markets and Development (Human Geography)

In the wake of current global challenges, north-south relations are being fundamentally reconfigured and the question of what exactly “development” means is subject to intense public debate. The Specialized Master’s in Global Change offers you the chance to engage with the complexities and entanglements of our globalized world, and to explore alternative future possibilities for international development in theory and practice.

Combining cutting-edge thinking from development studies, political economy, cultural studies and postcolonial studies, we will help you to come to terms with the multiple connections (and disconnections) between countries of the Global North and Global South. A key aim of the Masters program is to encourage students to go beyond familiar “Northern” concepts and categories when thinking about the Global South. In line with our departmental guiding theme, “one earth, many worlds” we encourage you to approach our mobile world from a perspective that acknowledges that seemingly global processes assume manifold forms, giving rise to diverse economies, variegated governance and livelihood practices.

Join this Masters program to:

  • acquire in-depth knowledge of development practices and experiences in key locations of the Global North and South
  • critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of different theoretical perspectives to studying the social, political and economic realities in the Global South
  • develop your own independent research project, thereby acquiring crucial academic and practical skills.

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