Information concerning COVID-19

Last updated: 26.05.2020

General Information of the GIUZ

  • All planned events (e.g. public lectures, exhibitions, apéritifs) until 13 September 2020 will be cancelled. Information about the planned first semester student day (Erstsemestrigentag) on 08.09.20 will be provided again at a later date.
  • The cancellation period for all MNF modules was extended to 29 May 2020.
  • Student assessments in June take place online. Details will be provided by the module coordinator of the particular modules. For the repetitions at the beginning of September, it is still unclear whether they will be digital or on-site. We will inform you about this later. The general Online Exam Information Paper (PDF, 67 KB) is published under Downloads / Guidelines.
  • The access to the examination papers will mostly be in consultation with the module coordinator (overview of the access to the examination papers).
  • Presentations for Master and PhD will continue to take place as planned, in a contactless way via video conference. This has already worked well this week.
  • Inquiries concerning studies and teaching should be sent to the new e-mail address
  • Lecturers please remember that videos are only uploaded on the video streaming server

a) SwitchCast; or

b) SwitchTube.

From there they will be integrated into OLAT:

a) Videos on SwitchCast with the OLAT component "SwitchCast"

b) Videos on SwitchTube with the OLAT component "Link/URL"

Information concerning emergency military service

  • Students who have been called up for military service can take the final course exams, even if they cannot attend mandatory lectures and exercises during the semester.
  • These students are allowed to postpone the exams of the interrupted modules to the September sessions.
  • Those unable to attend block courses because of military service will be granted the missed ECTS credits as a paramedic internship upon submission of the marching order.

Thanks to all who are now working for us in the military and civil service. Special study rules apply to these students, about which they will be informed separately. 

If possible, please contact