Remote Sensing for Dynamics of Land Systems


Land systems are the terrestrial part of the Earth system and can be highly dynamic due to natural and human processes acting on them. We study spatial and temporal dynamics mainly through vegetation - in scale varying between canopies and biomes - and establish links with responses and drivers, including land use, biodiversity and climate. For this, we use observational, modeling and statistical approaches.

Research domains include: 

  1. Spatial and temporal shifts in vegetation activity
  2. Land Surface Phenology from satellites and in-situ observations
  3. Natural and anthropogenic disturbances and recovery trajectories
  4. Functional relationships between soil, vegetation and land use

Group leader

Dr. Rogier de Jong

Group members

Claudia Röösli (Research Associate)
Leila Schuh (PhD candidate)
Annabelle Constance (PhD candidate)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Remote Sensing Laboratories