Appropriation of space in a globalizing world


In our group we regard globalization as a process in which virtually all societies, communities and people are involved. Hence globalization is not conceived as an epi-phenomenon coming from the outside but rather something that is shaped by everyday actions. Globalization is a very ambivalent process in which access to resources but also access to space are distributed unevenly. Development processes (in so called developing as well as in developed countries) are embedded in globalization processes and have to take into account power relations and institutions that shape people‘s actions. In this context the appropriation of space is a crucial factor in people‘s livelihood. We look at such appropriations from a perspective of people‘s practices.

With this background the research group focuses on the following topics:

  • Global change and local response
  • The power of images and participatory processes of conservation
  • Landscape perception and transdisciplinarity

Group leader

Prof. Dr. Norman Backhaus

Research projects

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Group members

  • Dr. Roger Keller (scientific collaborator)
  • Stanislav Ksenofontov (PhD candidate)
  • Annina Michel (PhD candidate)
  • Stefanie Müller (Phd candidate)
  • Qobiljon Shokirov (PhD candidate)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Human Geography