Mobility-aware geoservices

density ZH

Our group analyses mobile spatial behaviour in the context of digital transformation. In particular we study when, where, and how people use geographic information displays while moving in smart, data-driven cities. We aim to guide the attention of mobile, digital citizen towards relevant geographic information in location-based services, for affective, effective, and efficient decision making and space-time behaviour in everyday activities.  We devise solutions for integrating multisource, multivariate, real-time data streams into data-driven location-based services and develop adaptive visualization methods for mobile geographic information displays supporting informed decision making, and to guide space-time behaviour.

The main application of our research endeavours is the support of intelligent mobility for users with different backgrounds, needs, and abilities, building on smart digital infrastructures. We approach this interdisciplinary research field with spatial analysis, geovisualisation, and empirical methods.

Further information

Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis

Digital Society Initiative

Group leader

Dr. Tumasch Reichenbacher

Group members

Dr. Enea Ceolini
Donatella Zingaro (PhD candidate) 
MSc cand. Jan Weber

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Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis