Digital cartography and spatio temporal analysis

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Our group develops and utilizes methods that seek structure in spatio-temporal data, thus turning raw data into geographic information, ultimately aiming at generating knowledge that leads to a better understanding of geographic patterns and processes. Our research focuses on digital cartography, analysis of linguistic data, movement analysis and simulation, and GIS for protected areas. Our methodological toolset draws from an interdisciplinary range of fields, including spatial analysis and spatial statistics, algorithms development, and computational techniques such as data mining and agent-based modeling.

Group leader

Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel

Group members

  • Dr. Curdin Derungs (Senior Research Associate; Head of GISLab URPP SpUR)
  • Meysam Aliakbarian (PhD candidate)
  • Hoda Allahbakhshi (PhD candidate)
  • Oliver Burkhard (PhD candidate)
  • Michelle Fillekes (PhD candidate)
  • Dr. Haosheng Huang (Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr. Peter Ranacher (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Azimjon Sayidov (PhD candidate)
  • Ali Soleymani (PhD candidate)
  • Georgios Technitis(PhD candidate)

Belongs to the organizational unit

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)