Health Geography

geography of tweets
The geography of Twitter tweets in January 2015

We do research in the fields of quanti­tative health geo­graphy and spatial epi­demiology, that is, studying the spatial and temporal dis­tribution of health out­comes and their locally specific causes so that we know where to intervene to improve health and prevent di­seases.

We apply approaches from digital epi­demiology and base our research on novel data sources, such as un­structured and semi-structured texts (e.g., geo-referenced social media data) and link these to other data (e.g., official health and en­viron­mental statistics, land use and land cover data, etc.) that can be spatially inte­grated with disease mapping, ex­posure mapping, and spatial modelling approaches.



Group leader

Dr. Oliver Grübner

Group members

Tamar Edry
Ivor Mardesic

Belongs to the organizational unit

Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis