Political ecology of resource extraction and conservation

political ecology

Environment, nature, resources, ecology… how are these concepts used and help us understand the contemporary "ecological crisis"? This group explores this question through the ways that policies carried out in the name of sustainable development contribute to the social construction of resources, such as fuelwood, gold, shea, pastures… We are particularly interested in the symbolic meaning and material distribution of resource access that take shape in the midst of policies aiming to "formalise" resource rights in contexts of both, resource extraction (e.g. mining), and conservation (e.g. community-based forest management). Our research aims to enhance an understanding of the contested, and sometimes violent, politics that emerges as these policies are rolled out. We work particularly in the regions of West Africa and Latin America.

Group leader

Dr. Muriel Côte 

Group members

Christoph Kaufmann (PhD candiate)
Meret Burkart (Master student)

Andrea Graber (Master student)

Thierry Joerin (Master student)


Belongs to the organizational unit

Political Geography