Web 2.0

Web 2.0 refers to internet technologies and applications, which focus on participation, interaction and communication. Information is not just passively consumed but internet users get actively involved. One of the most famous examples is Wikipedia.
With its thematically structured link collection on diigo, the GIUZ library is also present in the Web 2.0. There are other applications that are of interest for libraries.


Diigo is an application for organising link collections. Bookmarks can be saved and shared publicly, as well as organised with the help of tags. The GIUZ library has such a thematically structured collection of links related to Geography, which is based on the library’s subject heading catalogue (PDF, 187 KB) (in German).

Library Thing

LibraryThing is an application for managing your book collection. It allows users to maintain their own library catalogue and to manage their collection with the help of tags. Some libraries, such as the Zentralbibliothek Zürich, use this application.


Netvibes allows users to easily and quickly design an online dashboard that combines various information, such as headlines, feeds or e-mails, on one page. The GIUZ library uses this application to arrange and provide access to current tables of content of geographical journals.