ZORA - Information for researchers at GIUZ

Dear Researchers

We would like to remind you to deposit your publications in ZORA continuously, when they are first published by the publisher. This way delay can be avoided and the transfer to the Annual Reports can be ensured in time.

We try to increase the visibility and the citation frequency, in depositing the publications in ZORA open accessible.

This works best, when you send us the accepted manuscripts (the version that the authors wrote last in their layout and that was accepted for publication by the publisher.).

Most publishers allow the open deposition of the accepted manuscripts (while the published PDF is handled more restricively).

Therefore following procedure:

  • When the publication is published, send us the accepted manuscript as PDF (please remove the line numbering in the word document). If possible the published version, if allowed by he copyright situation.
  • Short bibliographic data and the information if the article was reviewed or not.
  • When the publication is deposited in ZORA, you will receive a feedback.

Copyrightangaben (PDF, 26 KB)


Thank your for your collaboration


For further information and questions please contact  Hanna Britt 044 635 65 13