The basic supervision model currently used in Geography is that required by the rules of the Faculty of Science (MNF).

Every doctoral student has a committee consisting of a faculty member, and at least one other supervisor who may be the student’s main supervisor. Typically a further external committee member is sought, who contributes a different perspective to the doctoral student, and often provides an opportunity for a visit to an international research institution during the PhD.

Doctoral students are as a rule asked to present a dissertation proposal within the first six months of their dissertation, and are given the chance to gain feedback from all of those involved in research within their discipline. The PhD committee meets at least once per year, but typically the main supervisor and the doctoral student meet on a much more frequent basis.

Within PhD seminar I supervision is discussed from both doctoral students’ and supervisors’ perspectives and this, together with the building of peer groups, contributes to the development of realistic and well-grounded expectations towards supervisors.
An annual retreat seminar allows 2nd and 3rd year doctoral students to present their work to a broader spectrum of their peers and more senior academics, and thus to gain an impression of where they stand and receive useful feedback and cross-fertilisations on their research work.