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Department of Geography

Starting your PhD

The administration and documentation of all processes related to your PhD studies once you are matriculated will be done via the MNF Student Admin Tool.

PhD Committee

The PhD committee consists of at least two people with the right to confer a PhD, and one or more additional members. The Head of Committee is always someone with the right to confer a PhD. The PhD Advisor is the main supervisor. These two roles may be fulfilled by the same person.

The PhD student has to enter the PhD committee in the system within 6 months of the beginning of the doctorate. It has to be confirmed by the Head of Committee and subsequently by the Faculty of Science.

Research Proposal

The Research Proposal has to be uploaded within six months after beginning the PhD project. The Research Proposal includes a brief description of the PhD project, a list of expected milestones, and a concise time plan.

Conditions and Restrictions

It is possible that students are accepted to do a PhD at the Faculty of Science under conditions and restrictions, i.e. doing particular course work (in addition to the mandatory course work of 12 ECTS). If so, the fulfilment of these conditions and restrictions will be detailed in your acceptance letter.

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