Research Areas

The Department of Geography at the University of Zurich (GIUZ) is one of Europe's leading research centres in Geography, excelling in all major areas of geographical research ranging from Geographical Information Science through Remote Sensing and Physical Geography to Human, Economic and Political Geography. 

At the GIUZ, doctoral studies with a research focus in any of the GIUZ Units are possible, and the graduate school strongly encourages interdisciplinary research spanning the classical geographical disciplines.

Structure of  GIUZ, with its research units in all of the three major geographical research fields

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Physical Geography Human Geography Methodological Geography

and Geochronology (3G)


Economic Geography

Remote Sensing
Laboratory (RSL)

Soil Science &
Biogeochemistry (2B)


Human Geography

Geographic Information
Systems (GIS)

& Climate (H2K)


Political Geography

Geographic Information
Visualisation & Analysis (GIVA)





Geocomputation (GeoComp)