Regulations and Information Sheets

Completing your doctoral studies at the Zurich Graduate School in Geography you will obtain the title Dr. sc. nat. (Doctor of natural sciences). 

The regulations under which your PhD is carried out vary according to your start date. There are three sets of regulations. The names of these vary according to their lineage, but it is important to realise that a) You need to read all of the regulations relevant to your PhD and b) that the order of the regulations also defines precedence.

  1. The Promotionsverordung
  2. Promotionsordnung (For all PhDs in the MNF)
  3. Promotionsordnung (Specific to geography)

Please find the regulation papers on the website of the Science Faculty:

Regulations Governing PhD Studies

If you are a new PhD student commencing a degree in Geography/ ESS then you need to fill out a supervision agreement (DOCX, 60 KB) as part of the registration process. Only after doing this, we will issue you with a letter admitting you to the Graduate School. 

All PhDs must also deliver teaching (of between 100 and 420 hours) during their PhD - a catalogue of potential activities is here (PDF, 107 KB).