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Department of Geography

Frequently Asked Questions

... concerning the administration and documentation of your studies

You have input your committee, and sent it for review. Now you see you have made a mistake.

All milestones, once submitted are passed to the Head of your Committee. To reset it, they need to reject the milestone, and then you will be able to edit it.

What is the difference between the milestones 'Conditions and Restrictions' and 'Course work'?

Conditions and Restrictions are any conditions imposed by the faculty and detailed in your admission letter. You should upload a scan of your admission letter and evidence you have fulfilled these requirements if you had any. In most cases, this would be attendance of Geo410, but there may be others.

If you did your Masters in our Faculty, then simply writing UZH-Master and 0 ECTS would suffice (see below). Many of you will have been admitted with NO Conditions and Requirements; you need to look at your admissions letter to check this.

Course work describes the 12 ECTS that everyone has to complete as part of their PhD. EVERYONE has to fulfil this requirement.

How do we prove we completed courses/ teaching?

A document listing what you did and signed by your supervisor is adequate. Just make sure that you actually fulfil the formal requirements.

I already had my first committee meeting last year, what should I upload?

If you have any minutes, you can upload these. Otherwise a very short summary of the meeting will do. In the future, it would be useful for you to upload the minutes of the meeting and an updated supervision agreement.

Regarding the research proposal, who will review this?

Indeed, the committee reviews this. Now the Head of your Committee can simply confirm that your proposal was received and discussed by accepting the milestone.

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