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Department of Geography

Finalizing your PhD

Registration for Graduation

The following milestones need to be completed and reviewed before the PhD student can register for graduation:

  • Research Proposal
  • Course Work
  • Teaching Duties
  • Conditions and Restrictions

The defense will take place typically 8-12 weeks following the registration for graduation.

Expert Report

An expert report is prepared by the head of the doctoral committee as well as by the PhD advisor (if they are not the same person). The doctoral committee selects the reviewer responsible for the external expert report. The expert reports must be finished one month prior to the public colloquium.

Circulation Round

The dissertation and the expert reports will be submitted to the circulation round one month prior to the colloquium. The circulation round must include at least two faculty members of the MNF.

PhD defense

The PhD defense consists of a maximally one hour public colloquium on the dissertation as well as a disputation of at most two hours, which is closed to the public. The head of the doctoral committee invites the members of the doctoral committee and of the circulation round to participate in the disputation.

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