The Zurich Graduate School in Geography focuses on the internal training of its PhD students. On an individual project and research unit level, the GIUZ can build on an extensive network of research partners within Switzerland like NFP partners, collaborations with ETH and University partners. Additionally, collaborations with academic and non-academic institutions in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, South Asia and Africa have been established.

It is common practice that external supervision and examiners come from reputable international universities and research partners and that one-to-one mentoring and research visits with these international partners is supported by the individual research units.

Additionally, the Zurich Graduate School in Geography is open to collaborations with prospective new institutions within the scope of its existing curriculum.

Mobility and Internationalisation

The Department of Geography at the University of Zurich is a well known and well connected institute at the international level and, typically, many doctoral students already make short visits to other research institutions. We encourage mobility through, for example, the strengthening of existing research networks built through European and international research projects and encouraging the adoption of external supervisors across all PhD committees in relevant research institutions.