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Berner Seeland - quo vadis?

berner seeland

Das Berner Seeland ist die «Gemüse­kammer» der Schweiz. Die Moor­böden, das Wasser­management und die land­wirtschaftliche Nutzung stehen jedoch im Spannungs­feld zwischen Produktivität und Nach­haltig­keit.

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ValPar.CH - Values of the ecological infrastructure in Swiss parks


A new interdisciplinary research project examines the benefits and added values of the ecological infrastructure in parks of national importance. The GIUZ is involved with several research units and in charge of the overall coordination.

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Berne going green

Berne going green

Where are possible sites for wind and hydropower? How much power can they produce? Two bachelor students designed interactive story maps.

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Biochar increases rice root architecture


How can crop roots help to combat climate change? A field study on biochar and rice root architecture shows that roots are highly plastic and can greatly contribute to the soil organic matter pool. 

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How will the world keep developing during and after the Covid-19 pandemic?

economic geography

Thoughts of our economic geography researchers on the current crisis and the resulting socio-economic one which is yet to arrive with full force.

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Why do we create virtual forests?

virtual forests

Combining 3d measurements and radiative transfer models helps to improve forest monitoring and to increase understanding of ecosystem functioning. 

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Wenn das Eis fehlt: Das Lötschental und seine Zukunft


Ohne Gletscher fehlt es an Wasserreserven und Murgänge bedrohen die Siedlungen und ihre Zukunft, auch im Walliser Lötschental. Ein Masterstudent hat das Gebiet aus dem Helikopter vermessen. 

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Is there a place for people in protected areas?

national park

National parks aim to protect nature. But different claims to natural resource use often clash and create tensions. GIUZ researchers want to better understand how human-nature relationships influence the different opinions about national parks. 

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Biodiversity in Irchel Park


After several weeks of home office once again a visit to the Irchel campus? With the "Irchel Nature Trail" you can learn about the biodiversity and ecosystems of the Irchel Park. 

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Scientific games to understand social-ecological system dynamics


What makes games so popular? Perhaps that the outcome depends on behavior, on strategy, but also on pure chance? One thing is certain: they are great tools for learning.

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Sustainable Research, Teaching and Operations

Stocker Schaepman

This year's meeting of the university network U21 focused on the topic of sustainability and was hosted by UZH. Thomas Stocker, former chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) met with Vice President Research and geographer Michael Schaepman.

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Sars-CoV-2 and food producers: who cares?

food supply chains

During the corona crisis, our reliance on food supply chains is even more pronounced than usual. This risks to intensify the un­sus­tain­able production of agri-food commodities. GIUZ researchers are actively working on ecologically and socially sustainable alternatives.

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The value of water

value of water

"Water is life" – what comes across as a catchy slogan, gets to the point: The inestimable value of this resource. Much research is being done at GIUZ on water and its sustainable use, including outstanding master's theses.

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Urban Sustainability as New Financial Fix?

urban political podcast

What are the consequences of climate investments in cities of the Global South? In a new podcast episode of "Urban Political" Hanna Hilbrandt talks about the Green Municipal Bonds issued by Mexico City in 2016.

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Unpacking the complexity of social-ecological systems

social ecological systems

Systems thinking aims at breaking down social-ecological systems into the individual components and their interactions. Qualitative and quantitative models help to understand their dynamics.

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Zurich on its way to the 2000-Watt society

2000 W society

A tour of Zürich-Albisrieden organized by Geography Alumni UZH revealed where the 2000-watt society is taking shape and where action is needed.

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Strebergärtli - Irchel Garden Project


Das Strebergärtli ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Studierenden der MNF und ermöglicht, einen Gemüsegarten auf dem Campus Irchel im Kollektiv zu bewirtschaften.

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«Wir sind hier, wir sind laut!»


Zwei Masterstudentinnen und Itta Bauer (GTT) organisieren einen Workshop zur Kraft der jugendlichen Klimabewegung. Er findet im Rahmen des Kongresses «Reclaim Democracy - Reclaim the Future» in der Roten Fabrik in Zürich statt.

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