Planning 2021

The GIUZ Sustainability Task Force aims to achieve the following activities in 2021: 


  • Development of suggestions for measures to meet the goals of the UZH Implementation Strategy 2030
  • Supporting the GIUZ Executive Board in all sustainability-related demands/issues from within and outside GIUZ 
  • Regular exchange with MNF Sustainability Committee and UZH Sustainability
  • Networking, exchange and cross-fertilization with other (emerging) sustainability initiatives at UZH 
  • Presentation of current activities and the Sustainability Award at the MAV in Autumn 2021  

Department life

  • Continue putting information slides on best practices on GIUZ info screens 
  • Submitting a project on food pick-up point at Irchel Campus from logal agri cooperatives to the MNF Sustainability Committee 
  • Exploring and implementing best food ordering and catering practices in conjunction with MNF Sustainability Committee 

Air miles

  • Continue collecting air miles
  • Making suggestions to the GIUZ Executive Board on how to further reduce air miles through incentives 
  • Update the report of the activities of the Air Miles group in November 2021 


  • Regular update of the Sustainability@GIUZ website
  • Establishing a regular "GIUZ Sustainability Newsflash" by e-mail to inform GIUZ members and students and other interested people about current activities 
  • Supporting the strengthening of "sustainability" in teaching and making visible the already existing sustainability-related contents of existing modules