Confidential advice

Is a tricky situation at GIUZ getting you all tied up in knots?

- Talk to your supervisor/superior.

- Talk to the (Vice) Head of the Department.

- Talk to a Person of Trust ("Ombudsperson") of the department:
Tasks (PDF, 140 KB)
Yvonne Scheidegger-Jung
Gary Seitz
Ilja van Meerveld

- Talk to the Employee Assistance Office (MBS) at UZH

- Talk to the Persons of Trust ("Ombudsperson") of the Faculty of Science at UZH

Further information for doctoral students

Zurich Graduate School in Geography/Earth System Science: Help & Advice

GIUZ Statement of Professional Ethics

The Department of Geography strives to provide an equal and inclusive learning, working, and living environment and recognizes that this involves a variety of ethical considerations.
Endorsed by Departmental Assembly (Institutsversammlung) on 7 May 2020.
Statement of Professional Ethics (PDF, 51 KB)