Melusi Nkomo
Melusi Nkomo, Dr.

Political Geography

Tel.: 044 635 52 12
Room number: Y25 L 64

Short Biography

My research interests broadly lie at the intersection between
labour, politics and cultural practices in African mining contexts.
Accordingly, my Ph.D. examined the sociocultural practices in
communities of migrant mine workers working on the "platinum mining belt"
of northwest South Africa. The primarily ethnographic research tried to
reconnect with scholarship on the moral economy of work (especially in
mining), sociality, masculinities, and their performativity, at the most
granular of levels. As a postdoctoral researcher, I am part of a Swiss
National Science Foundation (SNSF) funded project on extractive labour in
the Artisan Mining “frontiers” in Africa. The comparative study concerns
the way in which mining labour is mobilised, embedded (socially and
spatially) and territorialised in three regions of sub-Saharan Africa,
namely, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).