Darshan Karki
Darshan Karki
PhD candidate

Space, Nature and Society


My research examines the politics of recognition in Nepal. I am interested in understanding the ways in which identities are shaped, articulated, and negotiated by different actors against the backdrop of state-restructuring debates and to what end. In my current work, I broadly investigate the claims and grievances of various actors involved in the Madhes Andolans against the Nepali state. 

Research interests

Identity politics, critical toponymies, regionalism, nation-building, social movements, South Asia, Nepal.  



कार्की, द (२०७७) । पुस्तक समीक्षा: माइकल हफमान । सन् २०१८ । द पार्सियल रेभोलुशन : लेबर, सोसल मुभमेन्ट्स एण्ड द इन्भिजिबल ह्याण्ड अफ माओ इन वेस्टर्न नेपाल, समाज अध्ययन, अंक १५, चौतारी पुस्तक शृंखला १००, पृष्ठ २८५–२८९

Karki, D (2020). Book Review: The Partial Revolution. Labour, social movements and the invisible hand of Mao in Western Nepal, Eurasian Geography and Economics.  


Karki, D and Speck, S (2018). Review of White Sun (Seto Surya) by Deepak Rauniyar, Himalaya: The Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, 38 (2). 

Karki, D (2016). Incomplete Revolution. In Murthy, L & Varma, M (Eds.), Garrisoned Minds: Women and Armed Conflict in South Asia (pp. 143-158). New Delhi, India. Speaking Tiger.



GEO 199: Small Group Teaching (FS 2017)

GEO 299: Small Group Teaching (HS 2016/ HS 2017/HS 2018/ HS 2019)

GEO 728: International Organisations Geneva Excursion (FS 2019)


07.2019 Symposium on the History of Geography: Geographies of Identities and Imaginations. Dublin, Ireland.

04.2019 17th Britain-Nepal Academic Council (BNAC) Nepal Study Days. Edinburgh, Scotland.  

06.2018 Young South Asia Scholars’ Meet (YSASM) on Claims-making: Discourses and practices in South Asia. Zurich, Switzerland. 

09.2017 11th European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS) Doctoral Workshop Program. Naples, Italy. 


Op-Ed editor, The Kathmandu Post 

Researcher, Interdisciplinary Analysts 

Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Labour and Mobility 

Programme Associate, South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics & Environment 

Programme Assistant, Jagaran Nepal


M.A in Development Economics (South Asian University, India)

M.A in Rural Development (Tribhuvan University, Nepal)

B.A in Development Studies (Kathmandu University, Nepal)