Cyrill Zosso
Cyrill Zosso
PhD student

Soil Science and Biogeochemistry

Tel.: 044 63 55168

Room number: Y25 K 74

Deep C: Deep soil carbon cycling in a warming world - the molecular marker perspective

I am interested in the effects of global change on soil-plant-microorganism interactions. My PhD includes work on how soil microorganisms respond to and how plant derived carbon in soil is affected by warming. The project specifically focuses on subsoils, soils below a soil depth of around 20cm. These depths are largely understudied despite being an important pool of carbon. In the laboratory, I study a set of molecular markers; that is compounds which can be linked back to specific organisms (e.g. phospholipid fatty acids, PLFA) or used to differentiate whether soil carbon stems from plants or microorganisms (e.g. hydrolysable lipids, suberin/cutin). As healthy soils are crucially important for our society, I am on the one hand eager to learn more about how soils are affected by human-induced global change, but also to translate these findings to a broader public.


You find more about the Deep C project here.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael W.I. Schmidt