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I obtained an MSc (1985) and a PhD degree (1989, with distinction) in Geography from the University of Zurich, both degrees with a specialization in GIScience. In 1988 I was a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Geography, SUNY at Buffalo. After two years (1989-1991) as a senior software engineer working for Computervision GIS, Inc. on SYSTEM 9 (the first commercial GIS with object-oriented behavior) I returned to the academic world, first as a Research Associate, then Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography, University of Zurich. Since 10/2000, I am a Full Professor of Geographical Information Science. I've been a Visiting Scientist at Institut Géographique National (IGN) in Paris (1994), the GIScience Center at UC Berkeley (2000), the Centre de Recherche en Géomatique at Université Laval, Québec, Canada (2000), the Finnish Geodetic Institute (FGI, 2007), and the Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh (2007).

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