Somayeh Dodge

Currently, I work as a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering, at the Ohio State University. My current project, funded by NASA, directed by Dr. Gil Bohrer (Assistant Professor for Ecological Engineering), is on analyzing migratory behavior of animals in response to the environmental and climatic changes. The general aim of this project is to develop tools and methods to investigate relationships between climate and animal migration. Prior to that, I was working at the GISciense Center of The University of Zurich, where I completed my PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Robert Weibel. I have been previously working as a part of my PhD and Postdoctoral research, on development of methods for exploring similarities and patterns in movements of dynamic objects and spatio-temporal processes within a particular context.

My research interests are mainly in the fields of geographic knowledge discovery, computational geometry, and time-series analysis techniques, particularly, for exploring movement data.

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Somayeh Dodge, PhD

Post Doctoral Researcher,
Dept. of Civil & Environmental & Geodetic Eng.,
College of Engineering,
Ohio State University


416 BOLZ Hall, 2036 Neil Avenue
Columbus OH, 43210


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