The 13th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval will be held in Lyon, France from the 28th-29th November 2019. This workshop will address all aspects of Geographic Information Retrieval - including but not limited to the provision of methods to retrieve and analyse geo-spatial textual content, identify the geographic scope and relevance rank documents or other resources from both unstructured and partially structured collections.

Call for presentations of ongoing work at the 13th Workshop on Geographic Information Retrieval in Lyon
In addition to our regular paper format, this year we invite presentations of ongoing work relevant to the workshop’s themes. Proposed presentations will be reviewed for relevance by the organising committee on the basis of a 200 word abstract. Speakers will have time to present their work and engage in discussions with workshop participants. Abstracts should be sent to by the 24th of October.

Please contact one of us if you require further information:
Ross Purves, University of Zurich
Chris Jones, Cardiff University