Accepted Papers

Itinerary Retrieval: Travelers, like Traveling Salesmen, Prefer Efficient Routes
Marco D. Adelfio and Hanan Samet

Improving Wikipedia-based Place Name Disambiguation in Short Texts Using Structured Data from DBpedia
Yingjie Hu, Krzysztof Janowicz and Sathya Prasad

Integration of linked data sources for gazetteer expansion
Tiago H.V.M. Moura and Clodoveu A. Davis Jr.

What, Where, and When: Keyword Search with Spatio-Temporal Ranges
Sergey Nepomnyachiy, Bluma Gelley, Wei Jiang and Tehila Minkus

Indirect Location Recommendation
André Sabino and Armanda Rodrigues

Using Minimaps to Enable Toponym Resolution with an Effective 100% Rate of Recall
Hanan Samet

Testing a model of witness accounts in social media
Marie Truelove, Maria Vasardani and Stephan Winter

Estimating the Semantic Type of Events using Location Features from Flickr
Steven Van Canneyt, Steven Schockaert and Bart Dhoedt

Construction and First Analysis of a Corpus for the Evaluation and Training of Microblog/Twitter Geoparsers
Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Frank Hardisty, Alan M. MacEachren, Morteza Karimzadeh, Yiting Ju and Scott Pezanowski

Building a Corpus of Spatial Relational Expressions Extracted from Web Documents
Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Alexander Klippel and Tim Baldwin

Characterization of Toponym Usages in Texts
Sebastian Johannes Wolf, Andreas Henrich and Daniel Blank