Download the reader: Tomko, M., Richter, K.-F. (2009). Adaptation in Spatial Communication. AGILE Workshop on Adaptation in Spatial Communication 2009, Hannover, Germany. (SFB/TR 8 Report No. 019-05/2009). Universitšt Bremen / Universitšt Freiburg.

(* - Full paper submissions)

9:00     Welcome and Introduction

9:20     Spatial Granularity and Perspective in Route Descriptions for Humans and Dialogue Systems (*)
Thora Tenbrink, Robert J. Ross, Elena Andonova, Juliana Goschler

9:40     Strategies of Context-Based and Semantic Adaptive Route Communication
Georg Gartner, Huang Haosheng, Felix Ortag, Alexandra Millonig

9:55     Challenges in User-Adaptive Tour Planning Systems (*)
Yohei Kurata

10:30     Coffee break

11:00     Individual Preferences on Spatial Control in Map Usability Research
Markus Wunderlich

11:15     1st breakout session

12:30     Lunch

14:00     1st breakout report summary

14:15     Modelling Moving Objects in Geospatial Sketch Maps (*)
Matthias Delafontaine, Nico van de Weghe

14:35     The Use of Filters for Adaptive Mobile Mapping Scenarios
Pia Bereuter, Ramya Venkateswaran, Robert Weibel

14:50     2nd breakout session

15:30     Coffee break

16:00     2nd breakout report summary

16:15     Final discussion and wrap-up

17:00     End of workshop