I am now working at the GIS Section of the Department of Geography, Universtiy of Zurich. I am currently suppported by the Forschungskredit grant of the UZH, analyzing the functional structures of urban environments (Project FUSS - Exploring the Functional Structure of Urban Environments).
I have been previously working as part of the EU project Tripod, exploring ways how we can analyze spatial data in order to best characterize and communicate the characteristics of the regions captured in urban and rural landscape photographs. This worked had a strong GIScience componnent linked to geographic information retrieval, text analysis and natural language generation.
For some of the research outcomes, see the Publications site.

My other research interest are mostly in the field of wayfinding and computational models for creation of route directions with low cognitive workload. I am, furthermore, interested in ways how we can better structure spatial data in order to create such route directions.


Recent GISRUK 2010 papers resonated in the tweetosphere!:
Salient mountain detection
TRIPOD overview
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This is a visual summary of my research interests as a word cloud, based on the analysis of the abstract of my 2008 papers in wordle :
Martin Tomko - Research Interest Tag Cloud