I am a PhD student in the Geographic Information, Visualization and Analysis (GIVA) group at the University of Zurich, supervised by Prof. Dr. Sara Fabrikant. My PhD research is embedded within the context of the AniMOVE project: AniMOVE(SNF), AniMOVE(UZH).

In this PhD thesis, we are interested in empirically evaluating the design of animated displays representing spatio-temporal phenomena. This study aims to better understand users' perceptual, cognitive and emotional processes involved in visuo-spatial decisions-making with animations. In particular, we aim to investigate the interconnection between the following three factors: display (i.e., animation design type), data (i.e, characteristics of the depicted objects) and user-related factors (i.e., individual and group differences).

This long-term empirical research framework is based on a cross-validation approach that couples eye movement data with electrodermal activity, electroencephalograpy, and traditional questionnaires. As use case we are testing Air Traffic Control (ATC) displays.

Sara Maggi - 2015