Version 9.1.7 (2.6.2006)

- Many internal changes; no new features
This version contains countless invisible internal changes to keep up with Apple's latest development. While the move to Intel hardware is very welcome, the discontinued support for Pascal from Metrowerks and Apple forced me to completely switch to a new development environment. This made progress rather difficult. I currently experiment with the FreePascal and Gnu Pascal compilers while they are getting operational. In addition, I have ported all non-Mac specific parts of LimeLight to Delphi. Porting the entire user-interface would be very complex and would not be worth the effort. It is obviously very outdated and needs a complete overhaul. I therefore do not intend to invest much time to improve or port it. Instead, I am redesigning Toporobot from the inside out. Please, do not expect tangible results in the near future. But be assured: I am still working on Toporobot intensively.

Version 9.1.4 (2.1.2003)

Exporting Quotes and Apostrophe as Unicode Chars. There was a problem with JavaScript and SVG.

Version 9.1.3 (28.12.2001)

SVG adapted to Version 3 of Adobe SVG.
- Second experimental release of the carbonized version for MacOS X.
Reset the prefered language in the preference dialog. You can then select the language for menus, dialogs, etc. when starting up the next time.

Version 9.1.2 (27.9.2001)

- No new features; only some internal or cosmetic changes.
Compiled with final interfaces 3.4 and CodeWarrior 7.
- First experimental release of the carbonized version for MacOS X.
Please check it under MacOS X, but also under MacOS 8 and 9 with CarbonLib installed. What happens, if you run it without having CarbonLib installed ? What version of CarbonLib is needed to run successfully ? What what happens with an older version of CarbonLib ?

Version 9.1.1 (25.6.2001)
I finally reserved a toporobot domain and Andy Neumann provided the computer to host the toporobot server (many thanks Andy). Currently, the site is under construction and you will be directed to the old server. You can already send me mail to:
- Vertical survey shots (Eric Sibert).
There was a wrong error message under some circumstances: 'Distance shorter than Vertical'.
- Cross-Sections in 3dmf or VRML (Martin Sluka).
Wrong orientation for sections with bisecting inclination when using style [] or <>. Style () was ok.
- Speak Units (Martin Sluka).
After you turn on this feature in Preferences, LimeLight will speak the units of measurements.
- Carbonized preview and coupe dialog.
Using now my own movable-modal event loop.
- Group, Color dialogs.
Work around for MacOS X: movable modal dialogs would not allow clicking on background-winodws.

Version 9.1 (30.4.2001)

- Error in Modal-Dialog whenever more than one dialog is open (Bernard Ournie, Martin Sluka, P-Y. Jeannin).
Second attempt to fix the stupid error in 9.0.8 I had introduced when carbonizing...

Version 9.0.9 (24.4.2001)

- Other Menu: Error in Draw, Print or Coupe dialog.
Fixed a stupid error in 9.0.8 I had introduced when carbonizing...

Version 9.0.8 (23.4.2001)

- French translation
Bernard Ournie updated the french translated. It is now complete! Thanks a lot.
- Even more Carbonization
Compiled with Universal Interfaces 3.4f2

Version 9.0.7 (10.4.2001)

- Much more Carbonization
Compiled with Universal Interfaces 3.4b9
- SpeleoForum 2001
Andreas Neumann and I had a great trip to Prague and Brno. Martin Sluka and his familiy were incredibly nice hosts. Thanks a lot.

Version 9.0.6 (9.3.2001)

- Some more Carbonization
Compiled with Universal Interfaces 3.4b5.
- Balloon Help
Fixed minor balloon-help error in Format menu (Martin Sluka).

Version 9.0.5 (4.3.2001)

- Czech and German Translation
A few corrections and additions.

Version 9.0.4 (2.3.2001)

- Czech Translation
The czech translation is complete! Many thanks to Martin Sluka.
- Textures in 3dfx
Support of external references to texture files.

Version 9.0.3 (22.2.2001)

- Czech Translation
Another batch of czech text (Martin Sluka).

Version 9.0.2 (19.2.2001)

- Czech Translation
Even more text translated. A few strings were too long and had to be truncated (Martin Sluka).
- CodeWarrior 5.3 and 6.1 and Carbonisation
Successfully compiled and linked with the beta Pascal compiler under Codewarrior 6 and 5.3.

Version 9.0.1 (12.2.2001)

- Czech Translation
Some translations corrected and more text translated (Martin Sluka).
- CodeWarrior 6.1 and Carbonisation
Successfully compiled and linked with the beta Pascal compiler under Codewarrior 6. Looks good...

Version 9.0 (6.2.2001)

- New release
This version has no new features. The only special thing about it is that this is actually the 900th release. I know, it is hard to believe.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all users for their ongoing feedback, support and friendship.
- Toporobot User Group Registration
The cgi scripts for registration is currently not working. The Sys-Admin of the server has disabled it for unknown reasons. Will try to have it fixed soon.
- Metrowerks Pascal
Received the Beta version of the upgraded Metrowerks Pascal tools. I have to test them within 5 days. This is extremely important to me (and the future of LimeLight). They will be the last upgrade ever; Metrowerks has discontinued support for Pascal :-( If the carbonized Pascal compiler will work properly, I will be able to use Pascal under MacOS X. If not, I do not know what do do... I hope for the best.
Re-fixed a small bug when exporting sections.
- Czech translation
Martin Sluka's Czech translation already bears fruits: the Czech Toporobot community doubled within days :-).
- Converting Smaps and Compass data to Toporobot
Lukas Plan brought the data of some major Austrian caves (Dachstein and Tauplitz) to convert to Toporobot. some details
- Executor
Georg Kaufmann wrote that LimeLight_S runs under Executor again (on Linux). I have successfully tried it on Windows2000, too. While this may be great news for all Executor owners, I still would recommend giving Basilisk a try.

Version 8.9.9 (2.2.2001)

- Support for System 6 in LimeLight
Users of System 6 or earlier please speak up. Version 9.0 could be the last version to still run on Systems earlier than 7.5.5. Compatibility with long-past systems is handicapping me very much; designing user-interfaces without the appearance manager is really tedious. So if you do not come up with a compelling reason, I will drop support for your old systems. Get yourself a new Mac. Even a PC with Basilisk is faster than a typical System 6 machine. And if you are just too lazy upgrading, then do not upgrade LimeLight either. That lets me concentrate on a new Carbon-based version to run on PowerPCs with MacOS 8/9 and MacOS X.
- Executor
Georg Kaufmann pointed out that LimeLight did not work on Executor (Mac-Emulator) anymore. some details
It is getting harder and harder to circumvent problems on Executor. I wonder, how long I can and should support Executor. It is so much easier to use Basilisk. Executor users please speak up; if you do not speak up soon, it will be too late.
- CSS for HTML
CSS now uses the current application font and sans-serif; e.g. I am not using Geneva but forcing Geneva CE under Czech (Martin Sluka). Please, experiment and tell me if this is not enough. Does is work if you set a local font like 'Geneva CE' as sans-serif in your browser whenever you work in a non-roman system? Just send me the edited CSS-style sheet as example if you prefer alternatives.
- Opening locked files under Basilisk
Fixed an crashing error that occured when opening or importing locked files. This happened e.g. when importing TCD for Tobias Bossert and Gottfried Buchegger. This was my fault and not an emulation error.
- Espi Font
Espi used to be the default font. Now you can set Espi optionally under 'Tester'. Espi does not make sense under under non-roman scripts and under MacOS X.
- Czech Translation
Martin Sluka sent the next batch of czech translations. His translation is progressing very quickly; more rapidly than any other translation so far.
He provided this image showing LimeLight running on a G3 simultaniously under MacOS 9 as well as under MacOS 7.5.5 under Basilisk under VirtualPC.

Version 8.9.8 (31.1.2001)

- Czech Translation
Martin Sluka started a czech translation and provided a first batch of translations. Thank you very much, Martin !
I had to change all dialog fonts from 'geneva' to the application font, so all non-roman characters would be correctly written. It is not clear, if everything is already correct. Probably not.
- SVG Export
Kurt Zimmermann detected a small error when exporting to SVG. There was an unclosed group tag when exporting 'sections'.
- HTML Export
Martin Sluka pointed out that the name of the html-folder still could contain problematic characters. Now, the folder is named after the html index file with the . replaced by a _ (e.g test.htm -> test_htm).
- Meeting of the 'Arbeitskreis für Speläokartographie'
I am back from a cave surveyors meeting in Germany. some details
- CyberTopo (Eric Sibert)
Meeting with Eric Sibert, author of the program CyberTopo. some details

Version 8.9.7 (25.1.2001)

- International Character Support for HTML, SVG and CDX
Exporting Unicode for Roman, Eastern Europe and Cyrillic; have implemented UTF-8 and iso-8859-1, 2, 5 (Martin Sluka).

Version 8.9.6 (24.1.2001)

- Automatic Magnetic Declination for Switzerland
Fixed a small bug that inhibited years up to 2010 in trips and only allowed values up to 2000 (Alex Hof).

Version 8.9.5 (23.1.2001)

Introduced checking for unreasonable characters in the name for HTML export. Adjusted css and html format.

Version 8.9.4 (18.1.2001)

- International Character Support
Export as UFT-8 for SVG; no translation to iso unless mac-roman; charset=charset: x-mac-ce etc.
Checked international character support on Basilisk: it works !!

- LimeLight News
Started this 'News' page to keep you informed what's going on. I tried to include some of the more recent versions (Kurt Zimmermann).

Version 8.9.3 (15.1.2001)

- International Character Support
Disabled Espi-Font for non-roman Scripts; proper small system font instead of geneva (Martin Sluka)

- Automatic Magnetic Declination for Switzerland
Extended the range of valid years for the current formula (Florian Hof). I will need to add an updated formula soon. You will then be able to select the appropriate formula. If users in foreign countries provide me will localized formulas, I will integrate them too.

Version 8.9.1 (19.12.2000)

- Expiration date
now 1.1.2002

- Still Carbonizing...

Version 8.8.9 (16.8.2000)

- Towards MacOS X...
Carbonizing; many cosmetic - superficial - changes, nothing new

Version 8.8.8 (26.6.2000)

- Illustrator 9
Export Series-name for paths and labels; introduced groups for silhouettes
If you turn on Info in Graphics-Preferences, LimeLight writes out Illustrator 9 Group and Path info instead of notes

fixed bug with default-color

- Extended support for SVG

Version 8.8.7 (7.6.2000)

- 3dmf & VRML
for Cinema 4D and 3DStudio Max, Strata Pro

Version 8.8.6 (8.5.2000)

- Towards MacOS X
Carbonizing...; LimeLight compiles and links with Carbon; adapted some dialogs to new Aqua layout

- Support for Basilisk (MacEmulator)
fpu is now default and runs fine and fast; Appearance 7 does work

- Increased memory requirements

Version 8.8.5 (28.4.2000)

- Contexual Menu
first experiments successful :-)

Version 8.8.4 (14.4.2000)

Beta 1 supported and tested

- MenuKeys
Fixed Bug for french keyboards (Bernand Ournie)

Version 8.8.3 (26.3.2000)

- VRML and QD3D
fixed bug: out of memory

- Basilisk
Tested with Siebenhengste: runs fine !!

Version 8.8.2 (24.3.2000)

- Basilisk
Did not need to patch much anymore to have LimeLight runnnig on the latest version of the Mac-EmulatorBasilisk

- CfH Converter
The converter to export dxf graphics for Tobi Bossert's program 'CAD für Höhlen' has been tested successfully

2-Jun-2006 / heller