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Toporobot Download Center

This is the place to fetch the newest version of Toporobot.

The software for Macintosh aided cave surveying

b LimeLight_S 9.1.7 2006/6/2 664K b Program configuration for all Mac models
b LimeLight_F 9.1.7 2006/6/2 648K b Program configuration for Mac models with FPU and for Basilisk (MacEmulator)
b LimeLight_P 9.1.7 2006/6/2 860K b Program configuration for PowerMac
b Geo3D 2.1.1 2002/5/17 255K a THE program to view Quickdraw3D scenes is getting even better...
b Manuel.pdf 8.0b29 1998/6/1 600K b Manuel d'utilisation de Toporobot (Version 2) par Baudouin Lismode
b LimeLight_Samples 1.0 1999/6/29 28K b Sample Documents (Erdmannshöhle)
b Documentation 7.3b8 1997/4/12 759K b Documentation in HTML (hqx)
b Documentation94 7.3b8 1997/4/12 360K b Version for Word 3 (Word Wild Web)
b Appearance_8 1.0.3 1998/7/20 460K n Appearance for MacOS 8 and 8.1 (not needed for MacOS 8.5 or later)
b Appearance_7 1.0.3 1998/7/20 464K n Appearance for System 7.1 - 7.6.1 (do not use on MacOS 8.0 or later)
b InternetConfig 2.0.2 1998/8/4 166K a Program to set Internet preferences
b LimeLightMPW 3.5 2000/2/14 2000K e Program and LimeLight scripts to edit text files
b LimeLight_X 9.2b7 2006/6/2 860K t Experimental Version of LimeLight_X (carbonized for MacOS X)
b Translations 9.0.8 2001/4/23 384K t The LimeLight text strings in 7 languages

Beginner: b Normal: n Advanced: a Expert: e Tester: t

The currently released version expires: 1/1/2007

Feel free to browse through the Toporobot directory to discover additional information, tools, examples...
All packages are compressed with Stuffit and binhexed. You will need Stuffit-Expander or a similar public domain tool to de-binhex and uncompress them.

Do NOT mirror Toporobot software. It is confusing to have various outdated versions floating around. Please, make a link to this site instead.

Geo3D is a great program to fly through Toporobot-generated Quickdraw3D scenes. It is developed by Stefan Huber to be used in conjunction with LimeLight. This is a must - if you have a PowerMac with more than 48m memory...

Please register yourself as a member of the Toporobot User Group.
You will get notified whenever a new release becomes available.
Membership is free for net-users.

Please, contact Bernard Ournie for administrative questions:
Send bug reports and technical questions to:

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