Christian Huggel

For more and more updated information on projects go to the webpage of our Research Group on Environment and Climate: Impacts, Risks and Adaptation (Eclim)

Ongoing projects

Glacier Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Project in the Cordilleras of Peru. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation / Ministry of Environment, Peru / CARE / Swiss Scientific Consortium: Meteodat, EPF Lausanne. Info

PACC: Climate Change Adaptation Project Peru. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation / Ministry of Environment, Peru / Helvetas-Swiss Intercooperation / Swiss Scientific Consortium: MeteoSwiss, Meteodat, Agroscope, WSL, University of Geneva. Info

HighNoon: adaptation to changing water resources availability in northern India with Himalayan glacier retreat and changing monsoon pattern. European Commission, FP7 / Alterra / University of Geneva (PhD: Raphael Worni). Info

AndesPlus: Development of Scientific Baselines for Climate Change Adaptation Projects. Andean Community, World Bank, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Scientific Consortium: IIASA, Meteodat, MeteoSwiss, WSL

NELAK: New lakes in deglaciating high-mountain environments: climate related development and challenges for sustainable use. Swiss National Science Foundation, NRP61: Sustainable Water Management (PhD: Yvonne Schaub).

IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 5th Assessment Report. Lead Authorship on Detection of observed changes and attribution to climate change. Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, University of Zurich. Info

Completed projects (selection)

Colombian - Swiss project on prevention of glacio-volcanic and hydro-meteorological disasters, Colombia. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation / Colombian governmental institutions. Info

Satellite, airborne, and ground-based assessment of the cryosphere in the Copper River/Chitina basins and adjoining ranges (Alaska) from Late Glacial Maximum to now. NASA, University of Arizona, Tucson.

Rock-ice avalanches: a systematic investigation of the influce of ice.Swiss National Science Foundation / WSL-SLF (PhD: Demian Schneider). Info

Slope instabilities in perennially frozen and glacierized rock walls. Swiss National Science Foundation (PhD: Luzia Fischer).

Monitoring of glaciers and glacier-clad volcanoes, Colombia. Fortalecimiento de la Red Ambiental de Colombia FORAC. Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco) / IDEAM.

High mountain hazard prevention in North Ossetia, Russia. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation / Governmental institutions of the Republic of North Ossetia

Glacier hazards at Macugnaga / Monte Rosa, Italy. Civil Protection Department, Italy / Regione Piemonte

Remote sensing based modeling and assessment of hazards from volcano-ice interactions, Alaska. Swiss National Science Foundation / U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Volcano Observatory.