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Funded projects

  • I am a collaborator (and a co-advisor to the future PhD student, and also eventually a post-doc) in a newly funded SNF project: we are looking to fill the PhD student position, see the ad here.
  • I am the principal investigator of a project titled "Visual complexity", funded by Google's faculty research award program. With Dr. Alzbeta Brychtova (post-doc) and MSc candidate Dario Oertle, we benchmark quantiative measure of complexity and compare these to human response to the visually complex displays.
  • I am the principal investigator of an SNF SNF (Swiss National Science Foundation) funded project called VISDOM (short for Vision to Visualization: Improving computational and human performance with highly realistic three-dimensional geographic visualizations by means of biomimicry). In this project we conduct a number of experiments to better understand the impact and usefulness of 3D visualizations. With the PhD candidate Ismini Lokka, we specifially study the interactions between 3D visualizations with varying levels of realism, age and memory.
  • I have been the principal investigator of an SNF (Swiss National Science Foundation) funded project called "GeoF". GeoF is short for a concept we named "Geofoveation", extending the foveation research into geographic information domain for human visual system inspired level of detail management of (often very large) graphic datasets. We develop concepts and implementations under this umbrella here in GIVA with the PhD Candidate Kenan Bektas.
  • I was a collaborator in the project "Geographic relevance in mobile applications" led by Dr. Tumasch Reichenbacher. This research is also funded by SNF and Paul Crease completed his PhD within this project (2010-2014).