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Position filled! Post-doc position: I am looking for a post-doctoral researcher or a data scientist with some academic experience to work on map complexity and related topics. Part-time, one year, project funded by Google Faculty Research Award progam. Details here.

Position filled! Junior researcher (data science in geovisualization): I am looking for a part-time junior researcher/data scientist interested in geovisualization. Most appropriate for a (local) MSc student looking for a part-time job. Details here.

Position filled! Virtual Reality Developer:We are looking for a part-time virtual reality programmer/developer and lab assistant. Most appropriate for a (local) BSc/MSc student looking for a part-time job. Details here.

Position filled! Thank you for your interest! -- I am looking for a PhD student who is interested in 3D Geovis (city models, virtual reality), user experience studies and human computer interaction (specifically with geographic data). More details here: . Looking forward to your contact!

. We organized a Geovisualization Workshop in France. Details here:
A blog post with couple of pictures here:

. Lots happened in between which I should've announced, but right now, we have a very cool workshop going: dealing with 'uncertainty' in a context of climate change and decision making, cool bunch of speakers including Alan MacEachren and Pete Fisher!

. Our ISPRS Geovisual Analytics workshop is on AUG 24th 2012! If you are in Melbourne next week, come join us.

. I am currently (July 2012) visiting Harvard University for an interdisciplinary exploration, giving talks to unusual audiences and hanging out with wonderful Michelle Borkin , Alyssa Goodman , Hanspeter Pfister and Kirk Goldsberry.

. With couple of colleagues, we are running an event series called FiFFTh (Friday's Food for Thought). If you are around on any of these dates, do drop by - we watch prominent speakers on video (so far all TED talks, but not exclusively) and discuss afterwards. The format is unusual in the way that we discuss at the ideas level. The sessions are open to some speculation and seem/sound like "brain storm".

. I recently gave a talk in TEDxZurich, honored to be among many distinguished speakers. Talk was recorded in Swiss television studios, and can be seen here.

- Update: Workshop was successfully held! --> I am involved in oganizing a workshop (in Paris on July 1st 2011) on "Persistent problems in geographic visualization" under my role as the scientific secretary to ISPRS Commission on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality . The meeting is officially organized by ICA Commission on GeoVisualization ( ( in collaboration with ISPRS WG II/6 Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality ( . Submit a one-page problem description to us by April 30th. More here.

- As of December 2010, I have joined the executive board of the ISPRS WG II/6 Geovisualization and Virtual Reality as a 'scientific secretary'. This is an interesting global working group with an executive committee spread in Australia, UK, Hong Kong and Switzerland. You are most welcome to join us. We keep a blog about our activities and and interests. We also have an email list, ask me about it.

- Update: Conference was a success, proceedings here: --> A number of others and myself are organizing an International Conference on Spatial Thinking and GIScience (Tokyo, September 2011). A diverse set of themes are building up..

- I and Keith C. Clarke have recently organized a workshop within ASPRS/AutoCarto 2010 program (Orlando, November 2010). It was a stimulating discussion, thanks to our participants.