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Arzu Çöltekin

I work as a group leader at the GIVA unit in GIScience Center at the University of Zurich's Geography Department (Zurich, Switzerland). I am also a research affiliate at Harvard's Seamless Astronomy group (Cambridge, USA). I chair the international working group "Geovisualization, Augmented and Virtual Rearlity" with the ISPRS.

Prior to this I was in Finland, working as a postdoc at the Media Lab at the Uni. Art and Design Helsinki, after doing my PhD at the Helsinki University of Technology's (now Aalto) Foto and Carto Labs. And prior to that, I was in Istanbul, Turkey; living, studying, working & growing up.

Publications: Papers I authored/co-authored
Projects: An almost-up-to-date list of projects I am involved in

Announcements (job ads, workshops, travels, etc.)

. We received a supplementary grant for our project VISDOM from the SNF
. Alyssa Goodman and myself receieved a small SNF grant to work on our interdisciplinary visualization project "10 questions to ask when creating a visualization" (link coming soon!)
. Our project "Science down to earth" is funded by InnoPool (internal grant scheme at the Department of Geograhy). We will explore a number of themes relating to what does it mean to be a scientist, ranging from gender/intersectionality, 'slow science', metrics and impact.. (link coming soon!)
. (Position filled!) We are looking for a PhD student for an SNF-funded project, this is mainly a computer science position, but co-advised by myself
. Our SNF grant was funded! We will be collaborating with UZH Computer Science Department's Visualization and Multimedia Lab (Sept 2016)
. Honored to have been appointed as the chair of ISPRS working group Geovisualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality July 2016)
. We organized a tutorial, two special sessions and four technical sessions at ISPRS in Prague (July 2016)
. Honored to be appointed as a research affiliate at Harvard's Seamless Astronomy group (February 2016)

(archive of older announcements here)

Quick Notes
I am a group leader, senior researcher/lecturer, doing what I do in a 'geovisualization' unit (GIVA) at the UZH's GIScience center at the Department of Geography. I work on a number of interdisciplinary visualization-motivated projects. My "track A" research interests link what we know about human vision into (geo)visualization, and in that I work both in basic and applied concepts in various domains such as geographic information science, computer science, biology, optics. My "track B" is on user experince studies (psychology and cognitive science), which informs/contributes to track A. The results from both tracks inform visualization design, and efficient data management. These days the containing word seems to be 'visual analytics'.

I also have been doing Photogrammetry and some GIS. My PhD research was on stereoscopic vision and technology. You can read my thesis online (abstract, linked to full text PDF). While my background is in technology, as every digital era researcher should be, I am also interested in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) issues and usability of what we do.

I chair the ISPRS WG IV/9: Geovisualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality.
I am a member of the ICA Commissions Visual Analytics, Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization and Use and User Issues.
I have also been a member of The International Society of Optical Engineering, and I triple e.

I previously worked with Virtual Reality and 3D web interface issues.
From beginning of 1999 to end of 2005 I worked as a teaching assistant in HUT's Geoinformatics Lab.
Once upon a time .. I was actively involved in FIG's Commission II (1998-2002).

A few (often neglected and now mostly in the past) hobbies:

Photography and such:
... Stuff that I stumbled upon. A mix of photos and webpage reviews with a touch of 'blog-like' thing. Confused? Well, that was on purpose.
(an old) ..Photo Gallery : Just like every other person, I am a photography enthusiast. An unorganized gallery of about 200 pictures here.

...GrecoTurco : A list of common words in Greek and Turkish.
...Turkishlearner : Language talk with the learners of Turkish

Dancing was once (upon time ;)) something I've tried to learn. Also kept the website for the dance club, a copy can be found right here (more for online archiving then anything really):...HOT

Other links of interest, or a bunch of unorganized links, really...

General interest
... TED: Ideas Worth Spreading. For the curious: Behind TED is a non profit foundation called "Sapling Foundation". A review is here.
... Hans Rosling speaking on poverty (video, ~20 mins), an example "idea worth spreading"
... Life Expectancy . E.g. Switzerland 81.7 (average), Swaziland 31.88 (average), UN listing 2005-2010
... Medecins Sans Frontieres
... Engineer Aid
... Maps for change Volunteer GIS skills for NGOs!

... Alma mater I (BSc, MSc)
... Alma mater II (PhD)

... Expats in Zurich
...Zuhtu (Zurich Turks)