glacier mass balance bulletin


The ‘Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin’ (GMBB) is designed to speed up and facilitate access to information concerning glacier mass balances by reporting measured values from selected reference glaciers at 2-year intervals. The results of glacier mass balance measurements are made more understandable for non-specialists through the use of graphic presentations rather than as purely numerical data. The GMBB complements the series ‘Fluctuations of Glaciers’, where the full collection of digital data, including the more numerous observations of glacier length variation, can be found. It should be kept in mind that this somewhat preliminary reporting of mass balance measurements may require slight corrections and updates at a later time. Corrected and updated information can be found in the fluctuations series.

The 'Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin' series has the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)1997-9088 (print) and 1997-9096 (online), respectively.


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Published GMBBs:
GMBB 1 1988-1989   [pdf]
GMBB 2 1990-1991   [pdf]
GMBB 3 1992-1993   [pdf]
GMBB 4 1994-1995   [pdf]
GMBB 5 1996-1997   [pdf]
GMBB 6 1998-1999   [pdf]
GMBB 7 2000-2001   [pdf]
GMBB 8 2002-2003   [pdf]
GMBB 9 2004-2005   [pdf]
GMBB 10 2006-2007   [pdf]
GMBB 11 2008-2009   [pdf]
GMBB 12 2010-2011   [pdf]

photo: storglaciären, sweden, by p. holmlund 2004
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