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Help and information


These «Online Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing» («OLwA») are optimized for «Chrome» (resolution: 1280 x 1024 dpi). Generally, one can use any other common browser as well. There could be some small optical defects; however, on no account will the functionality of this guide be limited. These guidelines are not optimized for smart phones so far; they can nevertheless be used with common devices (e.g. Apple iPhone, Samsung S4, etc.). Just try and use your smart phone.

When using OLwA, it is necessary to activate JavaScript. OLwA also uses pop-ups; we therefore recommend reconfiguring your pop-up blocker to allow OLwA pop-ups.

The Adobe «Acrobat Reader» will be needed for some exercises and tasks as well as either «Microsoft Office» or «Open Office». You can download the «Acrobat Reader» ‹here› for free; «Open Office» can be found ‹here›.


The online version of this guide is based on the book «Leitfaden für wissenschaftliches Arbeiten» by Norman Backhaus and Rico Tuor (2008). There have been some corrections and revisions. Additionally, you will find some exercises and tasks in this online version to immediately test and practice the things learned.


When looking for options as regards OLwA’s navigation, just open this «screenshot» to learn more about the navigation and the structure of OLwA pages.


Are there any mistakes or errors? Do you have any ideas for improvement? Do you want to express your praise or criticism? Then tell us. Contact information can be found ‹here›.

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