This project was part of our lecture "GEO878: Geovisualization". The advisers Halldor Janetzko and Sara Farbikant have introduced us into the field of geovisualization and visual analytics. Thereby, several principles, theories and methods have been introduced and reflected. We were free to choose our used data and the analytical approaches. In addition to this webpage, we delivered a written report where we discuss and reflect about our approach and findings more deeply.


Hella Mönkeberg

Hella Mönkeberg is doing her Master in the specialized Geographic Information Science at the university of Zurich. She did achieve her Bachelor in Geography as well at the UZH. Her interests in GIS are mainly in data processing. Handling big datasets, combining different sources and getting new insights in different topics. She summarises, "GIS is a powerful tool that can be used to find and explain interdisciplinary problems".
In her free time she loves doing sports whereby volleyball takes its specific place in. But also Yoga, Squash, Hiking and Pétanque are important to her.

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Olivier Niklaus

At the moment I am absolving my Master degree in Geography with emphasize on Geographic Information Science at the University of Zürich. I did my Bachelor degree in Geography at the University Zürich with a minor in forest and landscape management at the ETH Zürich. I am fascinated of analyzing and representing different natural and social phenomena in a spatial context with the aim to get a better understanding of these phenomena. I believe that geography as a multidisciplinary field combined with its spatial-specific methods can contribute to achieve this aim.
In addition to my geographical interests I enjoy making music and playing drums. Besides that, I like doing different sports or going out into nature.

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