The initiative for defining this kind of goals was first established in the Millennium Summit of 2000 which was the largest gathering of world leaders in history. According to the UN Millennium Declaration, around 60 goals were defined of which some were short-term (should be achieved by 2015), some two-generation-term (2050) and some long-term goals (beyond 2050). The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were addressing various topics, such as poverty, hunger, education, human rights and several other vital goals that have to be achieved within the deadlines (Kates W. Robert et al., 2005,

In their report, they give an insight into their WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) and provide different maps where they show which countries could met the targets till 2015 (WHO/UNICEF, 2015).As those data are provided by national surveys, there are some uncertainties, which Pullan et al. (2014) and Jacob (2017) specified in their papers. For this project, we want to show how these data and maps change throughout time and give a short summary of the uncertainties.