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These maps were created with CartoDB during the course of geovisualization at the University of Zurich

Zero Hunger - Achieve Sustainable Consumption

"A third of the world’s entire food supply could be saved by reducing waste, enough to feed 3 billion people" [Tristram Stuart]

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that 32 percent of all food produced in the world was lost or wasted in 2009. This estimate is based on weight. When converted into calories, global food loss and waste amounts to approximately 24 percent of all food produced. Essentially, one out of every four food calories intended for people is not ultimately consumed by them.
Food waste occurs everywhere along the food supply chain. Food loss and waste have many negative economic and environmental impacts. Economically, they represent a wasted investment that can reduce farmers’ incomes and increase consumers’ expenses. Environmentally, food loss and waste inflict a host of impacts, including unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and inefficiently used water and land, which in turn can lead to diminished natural ecosystems and the services they provide.

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About the Data [Last Access: 25.05.2016]
Food Deficit : The World Bank
Food Waste : European Commission , OECD Stats
Food Supply : FAO Stats
Population : World Bank
Undernourished People: The Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)

About us

Gionata and Tobias met in the course of Geovisualization, sharing a passion for maps and geographic interactions.

With different backgrounds they used their individual skills to start a project to map food waste and disparity across the world.

Gionata Ghiggi

Gionata is doing a MSc. in Atmospheric Science and Climate at ETH Zürich and he is really passioned about everything is "Geo".

With a previous background in environmental engineering developped in Lausanne at EPFL, he is now specializing on spatial analysis, statistical modelling and data mining of climate and remote sensing data.

Gionata is also strong passionate about science outreach, communication and web-mapping concerning all topics of environmental sciences, big-data and renewable energy.



Remote Sensing , Climate and Hydrology


Statistics and Machine Learning


Programming and Visualization


Tobias Sauter

Tobias is doing his master in geography at the University of Zürich to become a teacher in geography and mathematics.

Previously, he did a Bachelor at the University of Bern in Mathematics with a Minor in Geography. He decided to continue his master at Zürich to apply his mathematical knowledge in physical geography and GIS.

He is interested in human-nature-interactions, especially in the field of hydrology, where he is going to write his master thesis at UZH.









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