GIScience Reading Group

The GIScience Reading Group is the ultimate possibility for all of us to broaden our horizons and engage into other fields of research within Geographic Information Science. We therefore come together on 3 tuesday evenings (alternating to the colloquium) to discuss papers from the broader GIScience community. For this term, papers were chosen by the organizers of the reading group.
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FS 18: Waldo Tobler: The First Law of Geography

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
3rd of April 16:15 The Origin Sara Fabrikant W. R. Tobler, (1970). A Computer Movie Simulating Urban Growth in the Detroit Region. Azim & Julia
17th of April 16:15 The Critiques --- Trevor J. Barnes, (2004). A Paper Related to Everything but More Related to Local Things. Azim & Julia
May (tbd) 16:15 The Reply to Critiques --- W. R. Tobler, (2004). On the First Law of Geography: A Reply. Azim & Julia

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
3rd of Oct 16:15 Terminology --- Eitzel, M. V. et al. (2017). Citizen Science Terminology Matters: Exploring Key Terms. Citizen Science: Theorey and Practice . Kiran and Hoda
14th of November 16:15 Challenges Ross Purves Comber, A. et al. (2016). Crowdsourcing: It Matters Who the Crowd Are. The Impacts of between Group Variations in Recording Land Cover. PLOS one. Kiran and Hoda
12th of December 16:15 Future Direction --- Newman, G. (2012). The future of citizen science: emerging technologies and shifting paradigms. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. Kiran and Hoda

FS 17: Metaphysical considerations of GIScience

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
21st of March 16:15 Philosophical perspectives --- Moon, K. & Blackman, D. (2014). A Guide to Understanding Social Science Research for Natural Scientists. Conservation Biology. Oliver and Olga
4th of April 16:15 Epistemology --- Sieber, R. & Haklay, M. (2015). The epistemology(s) of volunteered geographic information: a critique. Geography and Environment. Oliver and Olga
2nd of May 16:15 Ontology --- Agarwal, P. (2005). Ontological considerations in GIScience. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. Oliver and Olga

HS 16: Inferring meaning from quantitative data

*Slides of the Reading Group: here.
Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
11 of October 16:15 Hypothesis-driven versus data-driven research tbd Mandatory Reading: Miller, H. J., & Goodchild, M. F. (2015). Data-driven geography. GeoJournal,80(4), 449-461.
Facultative Reading: Kitchin, R. (2014). Big Data, new epistemologies and paradigm shifts. Big Data & Society, 1(1), 2053951714528481.
Michelle and Sascha
25th of October 16:15 Aggregated versus individual analyses tbd Mandatory Reading: Neutens, T., Delafontaine, M., Scott, D. M., & De Maeyer, P. (2012). An analysis of day-to-day variations in individual space–time accessibility. Journal of Transport Geography, 23, 81-91.

Facultative Reading: Reading, particularly the introduction part: Hamaker, E. L. (2012). Why researchers should think “within-person”: A paradigmatic rationale. Handbook of research methods for studying daily life, 43-61.
Michelle and Sascha
8th of November 16:15 Bring together the two perspectives Curdin Derungs Mandatory Reading: Derungs, C., & Purves, R. S. (2016). Mining Nearness Relations from an N-Grams Web Corpus in Geographical Space. Spatial Cognition & Computation, (just-accepted).

Michelle and Sascha

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FS 16: Data Quality

Date Time Staff Papers Chair
22nd of March 16:15 Ross Purves See et al 2015 "Harnessing the power of volunteers, the internet and Google Earth to collect and validate global spatial information using Geo-Wiki"
Optional Paper: Foody, Giles M. and Mooney, Peter and See, Linda and Kerle, Norman and Olteanu-Raimond, Ana-Maria and Fonte, Cidalia (2015) Current status and future trends in crowd-sourcing geographic information. Working Paper. University of Nottingham, Nottingham,UK."
Elise and Annina
19th of April 16:15 Kai-Florian Richter Delikostidis et al. 2014: Bridging the Gap Between Field- and Lab-Based User Studies for Location-Based Services.
Introduction to ecological validity: Schmuckler 2001: What Is Ecological Validity? A Dimensional Analysis.
Elise and Annina
3rd of May 16:15 tbd Paper on „Fitness-for-use“: R. Devillers , Y. Bédard , R. Jeansoulin & B. Moulin (2007) Towards spatial data quality information analysis tools for experts assessing the fitness for use of spatial data, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 21:3, 261-282
Elise and Annina

HS 15

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
7th of October 16:15 GIScience and Public Health --- Gould, P., 2013. Sources of Error in a Map Series, or Science as a Socially Negotiated Enterprise. Cartographic Perspectives 30–48.
Raha and Gianluca
19th of October 16:15 GIScience and Public Health --- Mennis, J., Mason, M.J., Cao, Y., 2013. Qualitative GIS and the Visualization of Narrative Activity Space Data. Int J Geogr Inf Sci 27, 267–291.
Raha and Gianluca
23 of November 16:15 GIScience and Public Health --- Cummins, S., Curtis, S., Diez-Roux, A.V., Macintyre, S., 2007. Understanding and representing “place” in health research: A relational approach. Social Science & Medicine 65, 1825–1838.
Raha and Gianluca

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FS 15

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
3rd of March 16:00 Big Data Staff tbd Miller, H. J., & Goodchild, M. F. (2014). Data-driven geography. GeoJournal, 1-13
Maysam and Ismini
21st of April 16:00 Navigation Kai Florian M. Raubal and S. Winter. Enriching wayfinding instructions with local landmarks. In M. Egenhofer and D. Mark, editors, Geographic Information Science - Second International Conference GIScience 2002, pages 243–259, Berlin, 2002. Springer. LNCS 2478.*
Maysam and Ismini
28th of April 16:00 Visualanalytics Arzu N. Andrienko and G. Andrienko. Designing Visual Analytics Methods for Massive Collections of Movement Data. In Cartographica, v.42 (2), Summer 2007, 117-138*
Maysam and Ismini

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FS 14

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Chair
25th of March 16:00 Space and Place Staff tbd John Agnew (2011): Space and Place*
Peter and Katja
22nd of April 16:00 How to lie with maps Staff tbd Handout*
Zip-File with maps*
(Additional) Monmonier M. (2005): Lying with Maps. In: Statistical Science, vol. 20:3, 215–222*
Peter and Katja

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HS 13

Date Time Topic Staff Papers Additional Information
17th of September 16:15 Spatial mental mappings and verbal communication Kai-Florian/ Stephan Winter Winter (2012): How far is HAL-NAV?*
Winter (2009): Spatial Intelligence: Ready for a Challenge?*
Winter, Yu (2009): Intelligent Spatial Communication?*
For the interested ones: Original paper on computers and intelligence by Turing from 1950*
12th of November 16:15 GeoViz / Visualizing trajectories Arzu Andrienko et al - Space, time and visual analytics (2010)* tbd
10th of December 16:15 Attitudes and participation in wind energy planning Ross Simao et al. (2009): Web based GIS for collaborative planning and public participation: An application to the strategic planning of wind farm sites.* tba

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FS 13

Date Time Topic Chair Presentation Staff Papers Download
19th of March 16:15 Language and Space George and Ali Flurina Ross - "Landscape in language, An introduction" Mark et al., 2011
16th of April 16:15 Historical GIS / Digital Humanities Ali Curdin --- - "Quantitative Analysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books" Michel et al., 2011 paper*

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HS 12

Date Time Topic Chair Presentation Staff Papers Download Additional Information
9.10.2012 16:00 GIS and Sports Sara M. & Flurina Sara M. Patrick Laube - Gudmundsson A , Thomas Wolle (2010): Towards Automated Football Analysis: Algorithms and Data Structures.
- Goldsberry, K. (2012): CourtVision: New Visual and Spatial Analytics for the NBA.
16.10.2012 16:00 Critical GIS & digital humanities Sara M. & Flurina Flurina Ross Purves Sheppard, Eric (2004): Knowledge Production through Critical GIS: Genealogy and Prospects. Cartographica, 40 (4), 5-21 text* map illustrating an article named “Ethnic Politics and the Changing Face of New York” in the Gotham Gazette
map originally published in Tagesanzeiger on 29.11.2008 illustrating an article named “The many Germans and us”
30.10.2012 16:00 Big Data Flurina tba Robert Weibel Boyd, Danah & Crawford, Kate (2011): Six provocations for big data. Paper presented at the Symposium on the Dynamics of Internet and Society at the Oxford Internet Institute, September 21, 2011. text* Programme as PDF
11.12.2012 16:15 GIS & Cognitive Science Sara M. Arzu Cöltekin Arzu Cöltekin -Montello, D. R. (2009). Cognitive research in GIScience: Recent achievements and future prospects. Geography Compass, 3(5), 1824–1840. paper*
Programme as PDF

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FS 12

Date Time Topic Chair Presentation Staff Papers Download Summary
03.04.2012 16:00 Movement Georgios Christian Patrick -Mobility, Data Mining and Privacy: A Vision of Convergence, Giannotti F., Pedreschi D., 2008.
-Computational Movement Analysis, Gudmundsson et al., 2012.
-Migration and stopover in a small pelagic seabird, the Manx shearwater Puffinus puffinus: insights from machine learning, Guilford et al., 2009.
Sara. M
30.04.2012 16:00 Geographic Information Retrieval Curdin Ramya Ross -Geographic Information Retrieval, Jones CB., Purves RS., 2008.
-The design and implementation of SPIRIT, Purves RS. Et al., 2007.
-A machine learning approach for resolving place references in Text, Martins B. et al., 2010.
22.05.2012 16:00 Geographic Decision Making Kenan Paul Sara. F -Geovisual analytics for spatial decision support: Setting the research agenda, Andrienko G. et al., 2007.
-Personalized multi-criteria decision strategies in location-based decision support, Rinner C., Raubal M., 2004.
-Integrating geographical information systems and multiple criteria decision-making methods, Jankowski P., 1995.

*: password-protected

HS 11

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
04.10.2011 16:00 From Computer Cartography to Spatial Visualization a new Cartogram Algorithm, Dorling D. 1993. tba text* tba
25.10.2011 16:00 Gis-based multicriteria decision analysis - a survey of the literature. Malczewski J. 2006. tba text* tba
01.11.2011 16:00 Crime analysis through spatial areal aggregated density patterns. Phillips, P. and Lee, I. 2011. tba text* tba
15.11.2011 16:00 Propagating radial waves of travel cost in a grid, Tomlin, D. 2010. Jan text* George
22.11.2011 16:00 Do mountains exist? Towards an ontology of landforms, Smith B. & Mark D. M. 2004. Curdin text* Curdin

*: password-protected

FS 11

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
22.03.2011 16:00 Loose-coupling a cellular automaton model and GIS: long-term urban growth prediction for San Francisco and Washington/Baltimore, Clarke K. and Gaydos L. 1998. Paul text* Georgie
05.04.2011 16:00 What Maps Mean to People: Denotation, Connotation, and Geographic Visualization in Land-Use Debates. Couclelis H. and Gottsegen J. 1997. Paul text* Kenan
19.04.2011 16:00 Modelling vague places with knowledge from the Web. Jones C. B., Purves R. S., Clough P. D. and Joho H. 2008. Ramya text* Marco
10.05.2011 16:00 Distinguishing technology from biology: a critical review of the use of GPS telemetry data in ecology, Hebblewhite M. and Haydon D.T. 2010. Kenan text* Christian
07.06.2011 16:00 Ontological considerations in GIScience, Agarwal P. 2004. Jan text* Curdin

*: password-protected

HS 10

Topic: 'Digital Earth'
Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
02.11.2010 17:00 Next-Generation Digital Earth, Vespucci Initiative, 2008. Arzu text* Kenan
16.11.2010 17:00 Improving interaction with virtual globes through spatial thinking: helping users ask "why?", Schöning et al., 2008. Somayeh text* Stefano
30.11.2010 17:00 Continuous nearest neighbor search, Tao et al., 2002. Pia text* Ramya
07.12.2010 17:00 How good is volunteered geographical information? A comparative study of OpenStreetMap and Ordnance Survey, Haklay et al., 2010. Jan text* Curdin
11.01.2011 17:00 Genocide and GIScience: Integrating Personal Narratives and GIScience to Study Human Rights, Madden et al., 2009. Anna-Katharina text* Marco

*: password-protected

FS 10

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
16.03.2010 17:00 Geographic information systems and science: today and tomorrow. Goodchild MF. 2009 Anna-Katharina L. text* Marco Salvini
30.03.2010 17:00 "Dynamic collectives and their collective dynamics. Galton, A. 2005". Somayeh Dodge text* Paul Crease
20.04.2010 17:00 Geographic information retrieval in a mobile environment: evaluating the needs of mobile individuals. D. Mountain, A. MacFarlane. 2007 Pia Bereuter text* Stefano De Sabbata
04.05.2010 17:00 Using co-occurrence models for placename disambiguation. Overell S, Rüger S. 2008. Martin Tomko text* Ramya
11.05.2010 17:00 Applications of Signal Detection Theory to Geographic Information Science. Griffin AL, Bell S. 2009. Jan Wilkening text* Ross Purves
01.06.2010 17:00 Defining a Digital Earth system. Grossner KE, Goodchild MF, Clarke KC. 2008. Arzu Çöltekin text* Kenan Bektas

*: password-protected

HS 09

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
6.10.2009 17:00 The Architecture of Complexity. Simon, 1962. Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz text* Paul Crease
20.10.2009 17:00 "Simplest Paths": Automated Route Selection for Navigation. Duckham & Kulik, 2003. Somayeh Dodge text* Ramya Venkateswaran
3.11.2009 17:00 Real-time, continuous level of detail rendering of height fields. Lindstrom et al., 1996. Arzu Cöltekin text* Kenan Bektas
17.11.2009 17:00 Quantitative Limits to Qualitative Engagements: GIS, Its Critics, and the Philosophical Divide . Leszczynski, 2009. Jan Wilkening text* Marco Salvini
1.12.2009 17:00 Formalization Matters: Critical GIS and Ontology Research. Schuurman, 2000. Pia Bereuter text* Stefano De Sabbata

*: password-protected

FS 09

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
3.3.2009 17:00 Modelling accessibility using space-time prism concepts within geographical information systems. Miller, 1991 Jan Wilkening text* Stefano De Sabbata
17.3.2009 17:00 The nature of geographic knowledge. Golledge, 2002 Patrick Lüscher text* Ramya Venkateswaran
31.3.2009 17:00 Naive Geography. Mark and Egenhofer, 1995 Ralph Straumann text* Paul Crease
28.4.2009 17:00 Dynamic 3D maps as visual interfaces for spatio-temporal data. Doellner et al. 2000 Martin Tomko text* Kenan Bektas
12.5.2009 17:00 Understanding Geographic Space. Mackaness, 2007 Somayeh Dodge text* Marco Salvini
26.5.2009 17:00 Evidence of Hierarchies in Cognitive Maps Hirtle & Jonides, 1985 Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz text* Pia Bereuter

*: password-protected

HS 08
Date Time Paper(s) Session Chair Download
23.09.2008 17:00 Wickens Pearce, M. (2008): Framing the Days: Place and Narrative in Cartography. In: Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 35(1), 17–32. Jan Wilkening  PDF
07.10.2008 17:00 Raubal, M. and Egenhofer, M. (1998): Comparing the complexity of wayfinding tasks in built environments. In: Environment & Planning B, 25(6), 895–913. Pia Bereuter  PDF
21.10.2008 17:00 Klippel, A., Worboys, M. and Duckham, M.(2007): Identifying factors of geographic event conceptualisation. In: International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 22(2), 183–204. Frank Ostermann  PDF
18.11.2008 17:00 Goodchild, M. F. (2008): Spatial Accuracy 2.0. Proceeding of the 8th international symposium on spatial accuracy assessment in natural resources and environmental sciences. Felix Hebeler  PDF
02.12.2008 17:00 Chevriaux, Y., Saux, E., Claramunt, C. (2005): A Landform-based Approach for the Representation of Terrain Silhouettes. ACM GIS'05 - 13th ACM International Symposium on Advances in Geographic Information Systems. Stefano  PDF
16.12.2008 17:00 Bian, L. (2007): Object-Oriented Representation of Environmental Phenomena: Is Everything Best Represented as an Object? In: Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 97(2), 267–281 Somayeh Dodge  PDF

FS 08

Date Time Paper(s) Session Chair Download
04.03.2008 17:00 Evans, A. J., Kingston, R. and Carver, S. (2004): Democratic input into the nuclear waste disposal problem: The influence of geographical data on decision making examined through a Web-based GIS. In: Journal of Geographical Systems, 6(2), 117–132. Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz  PDF  PDF
18.03.2008 17:00 Sengupta, R. and Sieber, R. (2007): Geospatial Agents, Agents Everywhere. In: Transactions in GIS, 11(4), 483–506.
Bennet, D. A. and Tang, W. (2006): Modelling adaptive, spatially aware, and mobile agents: Elk migration in Yellowstone. In: International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 20(9), 1039–1066.
Frank Ostermann  PDF
08.04.2008 17:00 Ren, F. and Kwan, M.-P. (2007): Geovisualization of Human Hybrid Activity-Travel Patterns. In: Transactions in GIS, 11(5), 721–744 Somayeh Dodge  PDF
22.04.2008 17:00 Harris, R. (2006): Between Hot Air and Hot Spot: Placing Location Based Services within GI Science. In: Transactions in GIS, 10(1), 1–4.
Simon, R., Fröhlich, P. and Anegg, H. (2007): Enabling Spatially Aware Mobile Applications. In: Transactions in GIS, 11(5), 783–794.
Thomas Grossmann  PDF
06.05.2008 17:00 Stelder, D. (2005): Where do Cities form? A Geographical Agglomeration Model for Europe. In: Journal of Regional Science, 45(4), 657–679. Ralph Straumann  PDF
20.05.2008 17:00 Robertson, C., Nelson, T. A., Boots, B. and Wulder, M. A. (2007): STAMP: spatial-temporal analysis of moving polygons. In: Journal of Geographical Systems, 9(3), 207–227. Jan Wilkening  PDF

HS 07

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
16.10.2007 17:00 Sprague D S, Iwasaki N, Takahashi S (2007): Measuring rice paddy persistence spanning a century with Japan's oldest topographic maps. IJGIS, 21(1), 83-95. Arzu Çöltekin DOI  Summary by Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz
6.11.2007 17:00 Reuter H I, Nelson A, Jarvis A (2007): An evaluation of void-filling interpolation methods for SRTM data. IJGIS, 21(9), 983-1008. Ross Purves DOI  Summary by Felix Hebeler
20.11.2007 17:00 Hornsby K (2001): Temporal zooming. Transactions in GIS, 5(3), 255-272. I volunteer! DOI  Summary by Somayeh Dodge
4.12.2007 17:00 Murgante B, Las Casas G, Danese M (2007): The use of spatial statistics to analyze the periurban belt. Proceedings of the 10th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, 8.-11.5.2007, Aalborg, Denmark Tumasch Reichenbacher  PDF  Summary by Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz
18.12.2007 17:00 Nelhans G (2007): Citations within the GI literature - Theoretical works or good examples?. Proceedings of the 10th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, 8.-11.5.2007, Aalborg, Denmark Dirk Burghardt  PDF I volunteer!

SS 07

Topic: 'Classic GIS ideas and their development up to now'
This term's textbook is: Peter Fisher (ed., 2007): Classics from IJGIS. Twenty years of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science and Systems'. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL.
Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
3.4.2007 17:00 Modelling accessibility using space-time prism concepts within GISs. Miller, 1991 Ralph Straumann Hardcopy Frank Ostermann
17.4.2007 17:00 Integrating GISs and multiple criteria decision-making methods. Jankowski, 1995 Ross Purves  Summary by Patrick Lüscher
15.5.2007 17:00 Qualitative spatial reasoning: Cardinal directions as an example. Frank, 1996 Arzu Çöltekin  Summary by Stefan Steiniger
29.5.2007 17:00 Geographical categories: An ontological investigation. Smith and Mark, 2001 none  Summary by Anna-Katharina Lautenschütz
19.6.2007 17:00 Extending GIS-based visual analysis: the concept of visualscapes. Llobera, 2003 looking for a volunteer  Summary by Tumasch Reichenbacher

* Classics from IJGIS contains the original article - which we offer for download here - along with a current comment on the article and the developments in the field at hand by the author(s). Since these comments only appear in the text book we can't offer them for download - please pick your copy in the Q-library.

WS 06/07

Topic: 'Uncertainty and Fuzziness'
Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
31.10.2006 17:00 Fisher P.F. (1999): Models of uncertainty in spatial data. In: Longley P.A., Goodchild M.F., Maguire D.J. and Rhind D.W. (eds.): Geographical Information Systems. John Wiley & Sons, New York, 191-205 Frank Ostermann Hardcopy in 25J92
14.11.2006 17:00 Fisher P.F. (2000): Sorites paradox and vague geographies. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 113, 7-18
Goldstein L. (2000): How to boil a live frog. Analysis, 60, 171-177
Ross Purves

28.11.2006 17:00 Fisher P.F. (2000): Fuzzy Modelling, in: Openshaw S. and Abrahart R.J. (eds): GeoComputation. Taylor & Francis, London, 161-186 Frank Ostermann Hardcopy in 25J92
12.12.2006 17:00 Burrough P.A. (2000): High-resolution landform classification using fuzzy k-means. Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 113, 37-52 Stephan Steiniger
Merry Christmas!
16.01.2007 17:00 Excerpt (13 pages) of Burrough P.A. and McDonnell R.A.(1998): Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Geographical Objects. In: Principles of Geographical Information Systems., 265-291 tbd Hardcopy in 25J92
Supplement: Graphical overview of fuzzy set combinations
30.01.2007 17:00 MacEachren A.M., Robinson A., Hopper S., Gardner S., Murray R., Gahegan M. and Hetzler E. (2005): Visualizing Geospatial Information Uncertainty: What We Know and What We Need to Know. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 32, 139-160 tbd nya

SS 05

Topic: 'Boundaries'
Definition of 'boundaries' according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
21.6.2005 16:00 William Walters, 2002: Mapping Schengenland: Denaturalizing the Border. Environ.& Planning D: Society & Space 20(5): 561-80 Urs-Jakob Rüetschi Hardcopy

WS 04/05

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
26. 10. 2004 16:00

Daniel Z. Sui (2004): Tobler's First Law of Geography: A Big Idea for a Small World? Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 94(2), pp. 267-277.

Waldo Tobler (2004): On the First Law of Geography: A Reply. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 94(2), pp. 304-310.

Access the other AAAG papers of this forum.

Ross Purves



09. 11. 2004 16:00 Reginald G. Golledge (2002): The nature of Geographic Knowledge. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 92(1), pp. 1-14. Patrick Laube
23. 11. 2004 16:00 Simon A. Levin (1992): The Problem of Pattern and Scale in Ecology: The Robert MacArthur Award Lecture. Ecology, Vol. 73, No. 6, 1947-1967. Felix Hebeler (4.4MB!)

07. 12. 2004 16:00 Subject: Space Syntax
1. Bafna, Sonit: Space Syntax. A Brief Introduction to Its Logic and Analytical Techniques. Pages 17-29 in Environment and Behavior, vol 35, no 1, January 2003.
2. Jiang, Bin et al.: An integration of space syntax into GIS for modelling urban spaces. Pages 161-171 in Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, vol 2, no 3/4, 2000.
Urs-Jakob Rüetschi Bafna
18. 01. 2005 16:00 Stan Franklin and Art Graesser (1996): Is it an Agent, or just a Program?: A Taxonomy for Autonomous Agents. Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages, Springer-Verlag. David Caduff
01. 03. 2005 16:00 W. Loibl and T. Toetzer (2003): Modeling growth and densification processes in suburban regions - simulation of landscape transition with spatial agents. Environmental Modelling & Software, Vol. 18, Issue 6, p. 553-563. Stefan Steiniger

SS 04

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
09. 03. 2004 16:00 George A. Miller (1956): The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information. The Psychological Review (63)1956, 81-97. Syed Awase Khirni html
06. 04. 2004 16:00 P. Lagacherie, J.M. Robbez-Masson, N. Nguyen-The, J.P. Barthes (2001): Mapping of reference area representativity using a mathematical soilscape distance, Geoderma (101)2001, 105-118. Felix Hebeler
20. 04. 2004 16:00 D. Guo, D.J. Peuquet, M. Gahegan (2003): ICEAGE: Interactive Clustering and Exploration of Large and High-Dimensional Geodata. GeoInformatica 7:3, 229-253 Patrick Laube
04. 05. 2004 16:00 M.A. Rodriguez, M.J. Egenhofer (2004): Comparing geospatial entity classes: an asymmetric and context-dependent similarity measure. INT. J. GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SCIENCE, Vol. 18, No.3, April May 2004, 229-256 Syed Awase Khirni
25. 05. 2004 16:00 Jerome E. Dobson and Peter F. Fisher (2003): Geoslavery. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine , Vol. 22, No. 1, 47-52. Dirk Burghardt
08. 06. 2004 16:00 Corona, B., Winter, S. (2001): Approaches to an Ontology for Pedestrian Navigation Services. Technical Report, Institute for Geoinformation, Technical University Vienna, Austria. David Caduff
22. 06. 2004 11:30 Jiang, B., Harrie, L.(2004): Selection of Streets from a Network using self-organizing Maps Moritz Neun

WS 03/04

Date Time Paper Session Chair Download Summary
28. 10. 2003 11:30 Goodchild, M. F. (1992): Geographical Information Science. Int. J. Geographical Information Systems, vol. 6, no. 1, 31-45. Patrick Laube
11. 11. 2003 16:00 Worboys, M. F. (1996): Metrics and topologies for geographic space. Proc. 7th Intl. Symp. Spatial Data Handling, Delft, Netherlands. Urs-Jakob Rüetschi
09. 12. 2003 16:00 Curry, M.R. (1998): Digital Places: Living with Geographic Information Systems, The reshaping of geographic practice (Chap. 5). Routeledge, London. Alistair Edwardes -
13. 01. 2004 11:30 Mark, David M. (2002). Geographic Information Science: Defining the Field. In Duckham, M., Goddchild, M.F., Worboys, M.F. (Eds.): Foundations of Geographic Information Science, pages 3-18, Taylor & Francis, London and New York. Sabine Timpf -
27. 01. 2004 16:00 Michael F. Goodchild (2001): Models of Scale and Scales of Modelling (incl. foreword to the volume by Michael Batty). In Nicholas J. Tate, Peter M. Atkinson (Eds): Modelling Scale in Geographical Information Science, pages 3-10, Wiley. Dani Isenegger -
17. 02. 2004 16:00 Rykiel, E.J. (1996): Testing ecological models: the meaning of validation. Ecological Modelling (90)1996, 229-244. Ross Purves