Visualized Gentrification from 2000 to 2012

Click on the base map button to show an undistorted map of Zurichs Quarters as a reference.

Click on a button with a number written on it to add the Cartogram1 of that year. Erase all maps with the clear all button.

1A Cartogram is a map where the original area gets distorted, so that the new area is proportional to an attribute. The overall area of the map stays the same. The distorted attribute is here the change in the economic status since 1999 in percent.

Change in Population and Economic Status since 1999

The color of the quarter shows its change in population. Its size shows the change in economic status.

-10% to -1.01%
-1% to 1%
1.01% to 10%

A negative value means, that more people moved out than in. A positive value means, that more people moved in than out.