Food for Thought

Grand Finale


Geography is what geographers do

November 2013


The seven deadly sins of
mega-event planning

by Martin Müller


The illustrated Web

by Stefano de Sabbata


Science-shops, TD-Labs and integrative projects: Why we need universities?
by Benjamin Rohrbach


Five myths about immigration in Switzerland

by Michael Hermann



This hidden world lying at your feet

by Samuel Abiven


Radar Remote Sensing

by Adrian Schubert




by Glenda Garcia Santos


About the assembling of value-based sexiness

in the cleaning industry

by Peter Latzke


What you see is what you get? Illusions in geographic visualizations

by Arzu āöltekin


What is geography?by Helena Kühnle


Another FiFFTh production before the ‘grand finale’: The financial crisis

by Tobias Straumann


Opening words for the event