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Spring 2013

March 15th


The financial crisis in
historical perspective:
knowns, unknowns, and surprises

by Tobias Straumann

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March 28th
What did Manhattan look like before the city?

April 26th
How do we get water and food?

May 31st
How debt and credit have defined history?

Fall 2012

September 28th
"The world needs you,

October 26th
How does "open science" work?
(Further info: Open Access Week, video)

November 30th
Do you dare
to disagree?

December 16th
Is there another
great wall in China?

January 25th
What is
the price of nature?

Spring 2012

February 24th
How do algorithms
shape our world?

March 30th
How will the maps of future countries
look like?

April 27th
How can pig parts
make the world turn?

June 1st
Will we live
(much) longer lives?

Fall 2011

September 30th
Where do good ideas
come from?

October 28th
Do schools
kill creativity?

November 25th
Do we really know
third-world stats?

December 16th
Can geographic information
make you healthy?