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Alpine walks

To offer a more explorative, context-based access to the alpine environment and to the contents of the main course, you can follow several virtual ‘alpine walks’. These alpine walks simulate ecologists' or, more generally, naturalists' walks through alpine areas that are quite distinct both in ecological and geographical terms. As you proceed you can observe the characteristics of the different alpine landscapes and you can have a closer look at a variety of organisms and ecological phenomena in the context of their local environmental conditions. You will also gather basic knowledge, some of which will come to you quite intuitively, while you observe different patterns and relate them to each other during your walk. Many observations will elicit spontaneous questions on regional or general ecological aspects of the alpine environment, most of which will be answered in the main course or once you have gained some experience during your alpine walks. The alpine walks are not part of the main course itself but they link to it and should provide you with the ‘field experience’ (second best to real walks in the mountains, of course) that forms the contextual background for the specific topics presented in the course.

To benefit most from the information presented during your walk, it is strongly recommended that you follow the trail linearly the first time.

To start your journey choose one of several alpine walks from the global map and click its star for information specific to the region. The table below introduces the buttons you will use during the walks.



zoom in

zoom out

Click on the yellow arrows to begin and move through the virtual trail. Each yellow arrow points to the location of the next photograph along the trail. Allows you to get back onto the trail and move backwards along the trail one step at a time. Allows you to zoom in on interesting corners, plants, animals, geo-morphological features and the like Allows you to zoom out and get back onto the main trail Presents different views from your current position

time lapse


link to lesson


trail details
Represents the same view at a different point in time Blue info buttons appear frequently in the lower right corner to provide comments on the things you are currently inspecting. When you encounter ecological phenomena that are dealt with in the main course, white buttons will provide a direct link to the corresponding lessons. The map and pointer in the lower right-hand corner allows you to check your current position.
The black dots on your route indicate main waypoints allow you to jump quickly to different sections of the walk
A detailed view of the trail can be viewed by clicking on the red direction cross on the map. All points on the trail are presented and you can link to them directly.
Now, go ahead and start your excursions into some fascinating alpine environments…


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29 August 2011
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