Alpine plant nutrition

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"Nutrient limitation" is a universal theme, though with doubtful relevance to ecology unless treated with care. It will be demonstrated that early as well as late successional alpine vegetation respond with dramatic growth stimulation when nutrients are added, but this leads to a complete removal of the original plant community, hence nutrients cannot be considered "limiting" if the removal of limitation is fatal to most species. This insight will help us understand both natural as well as anthropogenically influenced nutrient regimes. Aspects of litter decomposition, nutrient uptake, the role of legumes and nutrient consumption strategies will be discussed.

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Start Example: Pulsatilla alpina ssp. apiifolia Grasshopper and ruminant grazing Why are alpine plants richer iln nutrients than lowland plants? Mineral nutrition Nitrogen sources of alpine vegetation Calcicole and calcifuge plants Conclusions Responses of vegetation to variable nutrient supply Review test N-cycling and nutrient budgets The nutrient status of plants Soil nutrients and their availability Learning objectives


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29 August 2011
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